Thursday, 25 June 2009


One of the reasons that I haven't been doing very much sewing or crafting lately:
a messy, untidy workroom, I have been fiddling around with a couple of things and have just left things where they fell, thinking that I will come back later and sort it all out. This coming weekend really needs to be dedicated to getting things back to a more neat and tidy state and then perhaps I will feel more inspired instead of just wanting to shut the door on the mess!!!!


  1. Hello Pip
    Like you I'm guilty as charged lol
    Clear up day tomorrow may make things easier
    Thanks for the email:)
    Take care

  2. Oh Pip.....your room looks positively neat compared to mine at the moment...! Hopefully I can get in there over the weekend.....I need to! LOL

  3. Lorraine is right.......thats not messy!!!


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