Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Time of the year

Warning: if you are arachophobic don't read this post

It must be the time of the year, I don't really feel like blogging much, even reading other blogs feels like a bit of a chore. I went back through my old blog posts and the same thing happened last year, a definite sparseness of posts at this time, although this year I have been more prolific. Maybe it is to do with the weather, I really feel that all I want to do is hibernate and wait till Spring.

This little huntsman made his (her??) way into the house recently. He is slowly making his way around all the rooms and is currently in a corner of our bedroom. Every now and then Cody spots him and makes attempts to climb up the wall and catch him, happily with no luck.


  1. Are you completely mad, woman? Thanks for the heads up about this spidy being in your post (although the picture was on my blogroll)! I would not sleep knowing this thing was in my house. A shoe would do the trick! Lol! I dont think we get them at this time of year and we don't have fire wood near the house.
    Cheers - Joolz

  2. i'm with you - i prefer to sit in the warm lounge room and knit rather than sit in the cold back room and surf the net. everything is slowing down for me at the moment and i have lots of half finished projects lying around and very little inspiration. i know that this will change, so i just go with the flow.
    have a nice rest - it's good for the soul.

  3. I kind of love the resident huntmen..they become part of the brood....recognising them when they appear with a slightly respectful greeting.
    And I definately think the wintry weather has us all snuggling down a bit more and withdrawing a little to ourselves.... I know what you mean.

  4. Hello Pip
    Actually we are spider free at the moment but I do believe its a case of leave them alone and they'll do likewise. Hopefully the cold weather won't make them crave for your warm bed.
    Take care

  5. Pip I found a little redback inside my grater this week. I noticed it just before I grated the cheese onto my daughter's school sandwich ...thank goodness. Not 5 mins before I had put the grater in the cupboard after it dried on the sink overnight. It must have come up through there. Not happy!! I am glad to say I have not found any others!!

    I can relate to you, my blog posting mojo is hiding as well. I have had family visiting so perhaps that is it.

    Knitting, stitching etc. etc. is way more enticing that typing with cold cold hands.



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