Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Some garden pictures

After the wild weather over the weekend, I ventured out into the garden to see what damage had been done. Surprisingly little actually, although the tomato had suffered a bit, my fault really as the stake I had used wasn't really tall enough for the size of the plant. There are quite a few tomatoes on this plant, but I doubt that they will ripen as I think the temperatures aren't warm enough now, at least they won't be wasted as I can make Green Tomato Chutney with them or perhaps Green Tomato Mincemeat or even Fried Green Tomatoes.

The kale is growing well, no caterpillars have discovered it yet, although there seems to be a lot of aphids around mainly on the brassicas in the next garden bed. The rhubarb seems to be making some progress now although something (slugs I think) is still having a nibble on the leaves but there seem to be less holes now, but I think that is probably because there are a lot of weeds sprouting in the garden due to the rain we've been having. The Freckles lettuce (below) are growing quite well now after a bit of a slow start.


  1. Your garden looks good!

    Snails & slugs eat rhubarb, so that would explain the holes. Have you given your rhubarb a feed lately? Now is a good time for it, with the rain, etc. They are gross feeders and will thank you with thick (and abundant) stalks. I give mine some sheep & chook manure. Sometimes even horse manure.

    There is plenty of merino gravel at our place. It's yours if you rake it up. :)

  2. Your garden does look good Pip! I just love those photos!


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