Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Seed feast

In our backyard we have a melia tree, also known as White Cedar in South Australia where it is a fairly common street tree, although I don't think it is well liked because of the hard seeds it drops. To me it is quite an attractive tree and it serves as a useful shade tree in our backyard even though the Mister doesn't really like raking up the leaves and berries.

These galahs absolutely love the berries, they have been visiting every day for the past couple of weeks and having a snack. I knew some birds had been in the tree because of all the empty seeds on the ground under the tree, but it wasn't until the other day that I actually saw them. There were about ten or so galahs up there, having a nice little feast and they weren't at all concerned about me walking around taking pictures of them.

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  1. Anonymous3/6/09 19:14

    We get the pink & greys fly over, the black ones when rains around but its those bloody 28's that wreck the trees & rosebushes here lol


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