Thursday, 4 June 2009

The page 56, 5th sentence meme

I think I have seen a few variations of this meme around, I saw this one on Cathy's blog the other day and thought I would do it as well.

This is how it works:

Pick up the nearest book to you.

Turn to page 56

Post the text of the 5th sentence and then pass this meme on.

Like Cathy I'm not going to be passing this on, but if you feel like doing this leave a comment.

On to my book, at the moment, I'm reading Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay, it's a fantasy novel set in an imaginary world called the Peninsula of the Palm, where a group of rebels are attempting to overthrow two tyrants and win back their homeland. (and it is overdue so I have to hurry up and finish it)

And in that silence the three singers and four musicians came forward and began the 'Invocation' to Eanna of the Lights who had made the world, the sun, the two moons and the scattered stars that were the diamonds of her diadem.


  1. Hi Pip,

    I'll post your giveaway parcel tomorrow - sorry but this week has been v hectic.

    Will do this book meme when I get home.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I knew she was implying Sabina
    Pollia and Hortensia Atilia
    would be too finicky to tangle
    with me. (Venus in Copper by
    Lindsey Davis - my husband
    is reading it, not me!).

  3. Oh Barbara, that book your husband is reading sounds interesting, I might have to look in the library for it.


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