Saturday, 6 June 2009

My camera

Taking photos for my blog is a great source of pleasure for me. I never used to be a person that took a lot of photos, until I started blogging. When I lived in Singapore I bought myself a small Nikon point and shoot camera and enjoyed taking photos while I was there. I have scanned a few of them and used them on my blog. When digital cameras first came out I bought a fairly basic Canon Ixus i while we were on holiday in Malaysia. Last year I upgraded to a Canon PowerShot G7 (10.0 megapixels, 6 x optical zoom), lucky enough to get it on Ebay for a reasonable price. It has quite a large LCD screen and also a viewfinder which is one of the main reasons I wanted this camera as sometimes I find it hard to use the LCD screen.

Taking photos is a bit hit and miss sometimes, but one thing with digital you can take as many as you like until you get that one perfect one. A blog, Veganyumyum that I stumbled across one day had some great tips on food photography, but I also found that they applied to general photography as well. I also came across a tutorial for a DIY $10 Macro photo studio here which I haven't tried making yet but intend to, there seems to be more info on this blog but I've had no time to have a good read.


  1. Hi Pip

    Thanks for the photo tips. Had a quick skim thru of Veganyumyum and there is lots of great info. I am afraid I am a bit of a point and shoot AutoFocus girl but that site has lots of 'written in plain language' tips so I have bookmarked it and will read thru and have a play around with my exposures etc.

    By the way, your parcel will need to be picked up from the PO a I didnt want it just left incase you weren't home. You'll get a card in your letter box.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Great! Blogging feeds my love of photo's and photo taking too!


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