Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Masterchef moment

We are avid watchers of Masterchef, a TV show that seems to have some similarities to The Biggest Loser but is actually about various contestants preparing and cooking food. There is a regular part of the show called "The Pressure Test" where the bottom three contestants are shown a prepared dish, taste it and then each have to cook the dish from the recipe provided which is then judged for taste, presentation and how well it has been prepared.

A couple of weeks ago (maybe more) when the contestants made
Sticky Date Pudding with butterscotch sauce and almond praline, the Mister commented that it didn't seem that hard to make and that you just needed to follow the recipe. I downloaded the recipe from their website so he could have a go, which is what he did last night.

He didn't do too badly for someone that doesn't do any cooking at all, although there were a lot of comments mainly along the lines of "that tastes beautiful" (a comment that is often heard on the show). Admittedly, I weighed the ingredients for him, but he did everything else, including the praline, with minimal advice from me. We had some last night, it was very sweet, the praline crackled and crunched and was probably the best part.


  1. wow. good on the mister! thats looks 'beautiful'. Im a mastrechef dag too! cant stop watching it! i love the fact that despite being a reality tv show, its full of creativity along with the competition

  2. Hello Pip

    Well done, Mister! I have a man who likes to cook on the weekends and we love MasterChef too! Last night we had Beercan Chicken (forgot to take a photo, bugger!) with honey baby carrots, baked potatoes and fresh green beans. Tonight it is fish cakes (thai flavours) with salad. Gus finds it very relaxing to cook. I must steer him in the direction of a 'sweets' cookbook too!

    You Turkish Delight looks scrummy too. I love Fry's Turkish Delight.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Well we know who will be a contestant next year! Looks awesome. Nothing can beat a good sticky date

  4. Oooo one of my favourites. I must try that recipe, I just use the one on the date pack.
    Great show isn't it.


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