Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Class 23 - Bread, any grains, one loaf

This is a mixed grain loaf I made last weekend, it tastes good, but next time I will reduce the amount of grains in the recipe as it is quite a heavy loaf, should make good toast though. I have to send my entry form in for the Royal show this week. After making carrot cake and biscuits last weekend, I've decided not to be quite so ambitious (or stupid) and only enter six classes, (instead of 11) I think that will be quite enough baking for me to cope with in one day.

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  1. The loaf looks very yummy. Enjoy it toasted. I'll drool from across the ditch (high fibre a disaster these days) and encourage you to have another bite.

    Sister left NZ on Sunday after 3 weeks here (over from the UK, her home for the last 23 years). Yes - once here she bought and soon devoured a loaf of Vogels!

    sending super happy wishs for successful baking,



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