Sunday, 28 June 2009

Almost done....

After a lot of work my workroom is almost ship shape again, and ready for me to start making a mess all over again. I'm also managing to get a bit of reading done, I've just started The Women in Black by Madeleine St John unfortunately it is only a two week loan so I'll have to read fast. After I've finished The Women in Black, I'll be able to start reading a couple of books which were recommended by a friend who is presently living and working in Erbil, Kurdistan. Two novels by Khaled Hosseini - A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner.

I took a quick walk around the garden today to check what damage, if any was done during the storm last night. Happily the damage was limited to a few bent leaves and stalks, we also received 17mm of rain as well and I noticed that the first flowers have appeared on the broadbeans.


  1. Hi Pip,

    Glad to hear you didn't have much damage. We have just had strong winds (not gale force) and lots of heavy rain. A storm came through after midnight that woke me up. Sounded like a freight train roaring through, wind, rain & hail, then it was over in 2 minutes. I didn't go walking this morning - I dont like thunder and lightning.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I have "The Kite Runner" sitting in my Mount To-Be-Read, and it's been there about 6 months already! I keep meaning to read it, but keep getting distracted with other books. I'd be interested in your thoughts on it?


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