Thursday, 28 May 2009

Some questions answered

Joolz at Simply Joolz is up to her 150th post, to celebrate she is having a giveaway with a little catch, you have to answer some questions and then blog about it. So here goes........

1. What's for dinner tonight? Chilli Bean soup with pita bread crisps

2. What's your favourite cute animal picture? see above for my current favourite

3. Who does the dishes in your house? Miss Miele normally does the dishes, but sometimes me or the Mister when we have a lot of pots.

4. One a personal note, regarding toilet paper - Are you a Scruncher or a Folder... or a Fruncher/Scrolder, he he! I haven't really thought about it.......

5. What jar (brand) of (tomato based) Spaghetti sauce do you use for Spaghetti Bol? I make my own, tomato, onions, garlic etc

6. Do your children make their own beds and put out their clothes or do ... you? No children, but if I did they would be making their own bed (or helping to make it) and putting their own clothes out.

7. Can I have your favourite recipe for a dessert you love? Yes, but I love quite a lot of desserts, it depends on how much time I have as to what I will make.......

8. My ironing board is permanently set up - do you labour over baskets of ironing or do you fold, put away then iron as you need.... like me? I used to get earwigs and spiders in my baskets. Not nice! I don't do a lot of ironing, I don't like it, the Mister does most of it, I fold the clothes that need folding straight off the line, the ones that need ironing go onto the ironing board and wait and wait.

9. Do you wear makeup each day or go Phhhffft! Stuff it! How often do you go to the hairdresser? Makeup, what's that? I use a bit of lip gloss and lipstick occasionally, and I get my ears lowered once a month.

10. What is your ultimate personal indulgence eg. relaxation/treat. Hmm, this is hard, once I would have said a facial or a massage but now I would really prefer a day (or longer, how about a long weekend) where I can please myself what I do, like read all day and not have to make any meals, or sew and stitch all day, you get the idea.

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  1. Lol! I did this too Pip! It was kinda fun!


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