Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New book from library

I got this book out from the library today, I've had a quick browse and there are some very lovely quilts in there, so now I'm thinking I might just have to buy it. I don't often buy books nowadays as I can't justify the expense, especially when I can get them from the library, but sometimes I really want to be able to keep the book and have it around for dipping into. Lucky me, I still have plenty of money left from Mr Rudd, so I might invest in some book-buying over the internet, and see if I can pick up some bargains.


  1. Good luck. How hard would it be for a bloke who doesn't know one end of a needle from the other to learn to quilt. I was always jealous of my grandmother when she was quilting.

  2. Books are always worth the expense! ALWAYS! They entertain, inspire, and teach, which makes them worth every cent.
    Buy! BUY!

  3. It's a lovely book, have owned it for a while, haven't made anything just love looking through it for inspiration. Must tell you book number two from Material Obsession is even better, bought that one last week, very influenced by Kaffe Fassett so of course I love it.

  4. How lovely that your library has such a great book! Nice to "try before you buy"!

  5. i had to buy this book as well - i love it and i'm currently adapting the pinwheel quilt for Julian. some books are worth buying....


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