Monday, 25 May 2009


After reading about Saffron Milk caps here and here I decided that I needed to go foraging as well, so on Saturday morning, I went looking for Lactarius deliciosus aka Saffron Milk Cap near the pine trees in a reserve near to where we live. I had no success but luckily for me Veggie Gnome had said that if I had no luck, I was welcome to go mushroom picking with them on Sunday, so a plan was made. We were a little late arriving as I hadn't planned our route too well :) but the rain had stopped by then and we had a pleasant time gathering mushrooms and then a lovely afternoon repast and conversation before heading home.

Today I sauteed finely sliced onions and garlic in butter and oil, then added the thickly sliced mushrooms and let it all cook for a few minutes, added salt and pepper and a bit of fresh thyme and then served on toast (buttered, but not really necessary) and sprinkled with chopped flat-leaf parsley. We both enjoyed them, although the Mister did say that even though they tasted mushroomy, the colour was unusual to say the least. (the mushrooms kept their gorgeous apricot colour once cooked) I thought they tasted quite mushroomy and had quite a meaty texture, they were also quite rich (probably due to the butter I slipped in). I think that a bit of feta crumbled on top would have been a nice addition. I'm hoping that I will be able to find some more in my local area after the rain has stopped for the week.


  1. Ha ha! Gotcha hooked on them, didn't we?!

    They are great. I will go and get another handful this week to try and crumb the thickly sliced mushies. That should work really well, I think. (It is fantastic with fresh, big Porcini.)

    If you have no luck in your area, you know where there are more. We are quite happy to share 'our' patch with you. :)

  2. Gosh they look lovely. Finished the last of the quince paste last night..was sorry to see the end of it...was really beautiful! Thanks again. Marilyn

  3. that looks really really tasty! and thyme sounds like a great addition. They are quite rich and meaty, i must go get some more!!!

  4. Kel? More??!!! *LOL*

    Pip, yes, your quince paste was a hit! We all loved it. Thank you. :)

  5. Hi Pip
    Although I am not a fan of mushies, yours do look very enticing. I can imagine the aroma while they were cooking.

    I know field mushrooms are safe but do be careful and steer clear of toadies. I am sure Veggie Gnome knows what she's on about. Lol!

    - Joolz :)


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