Monday, 18 May 2009

Honest Scrap

Is it just me or do those holes look like bullet holes????

My blog friend Marilyn at Lavender Cottage nominated me for an "honest scrap award", and I have not yet responded to it. I should, so here goes. These are the rules for acceptance :

1. List 10 honest things about yourself, hopefully interesting.
2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

I know this is a tag and I should tag fellow bloggers but I'm not tagging anyone because I'm a bit thingy about tags and awards.

So..... if you want to do this, feel free and let me know!!! I'd love to read it!!!

  • I swear. Quite a lot actually, but I do moderate my swearing depending on my audience.
  • I used to be a tomboy. Growing up in the suburbs of Howick, I ran around like a wild hooligan until I was 12 or so.
  • I'm an excellent cook, well at least I think I am, my husband thinks I am, and my family thinks I am, and no-one who has eaten at our house has complained (well, not to my face anyway).
  • I love to read, in fact given a choice between reading and sleeping, reading will win.
  • I have five tattoos on various parts of me.
  • I would say that I am a fairly blunt person, but it does depend on who I am talking to.
  • I am legally blind, so my optometrist tells me.
  • I stopped colouring my hair about two years ago and now it is dark coloured with silver threads running through.
  • I didn't learn to drive until about six years ago.
  • I hate seeing spelling mistakes, to the extent that I will "fix" the mistake or point it out.


  1. So honest Pip...I enjoyed reading this!

  2. I love the tattoo on your foot. You so fit the beautiful picture I have of you. And yes, you are definately a good cook!
    Marilyn xoxo

  3. Lol! We are so twins separated at birth. Okay, not really. Cause I don't swear (my parents fault!) and I was never a tomboy (who had time for tomboy type stuff when there were so many books wanting to be read) and I don't have any tatoos and I have really great eyesight (so an optomitrist told me once when I had my eyes checked). But....... reading is way more important than sleep, my hair is pretty much grey (I'm older than you. Give it time!), I'm an excellent cook, people tell me I'm too blunt for my own good (huh?), and I have a thing about spelling mistakes too. Maybe we're just cousins separated at birth!

  4. Argh!!! I knew I would end up with a spelling mistake! I was just about to correct optometrist when I clicked in the wrong place....... okay, I'll come clean. I'm really an 82 year old midget who has no interest in quilting, stitching or sewing and I'm nothing like you at all!

  5. Thank you for entering my blog giveaway at I Just Love That Fabric and for your lovely comments. your blog looks great too, im going to have a read. Thanks again.


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