Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Words and pictures - Collecting

The act of gathering something together


A-Z of New Zealand stamps

Balls of cotton yarn - future dishcloths ????

leaves and seeds - for looking at

This meme hosted by Pip at Meet me at Mikes where you will find a collection of links to more posts on collecting.


  1. i love the seeds..what is the biggest pod? they are gorgeous.. I love the shapes they mesmerise me as does fungi!
    Thanks for the comments, I look forward to seeing your post. Marilyn

  2. i'm not sure if i am so much a collector as a hoarder! our house is just not big enough for all our stuff and i keep finding more things. i love your seed pods too but i am most impressed with your knives - that's one thing we don't have - a decent knife!

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    The biggest on is the seed head of a lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera), the seeds fall out the holes, I might take some photos of them.
    Hi Levin (and Emily)
    I love my knives, the two on the LHS are my oldest ones, 30 years old, I think I bought them when I first started working.

  4. Hi Pip...I just received my lovely parcel from you. Thank you so much its all so exciting. I have bought some brie and some little toast squares..yum..I will be thinking of you as I am enjoying it. I love the little gifts as well, they are darling. Marilyn


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