Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Six weeks

Six weeks ago


broad beans

Because I'm looking at my garden every day, I don't really notice how quickly everything grows, but when I look at the photo from six weeks ago and compare it with todays photo, I can see. Everything seemed to survive the four days of wind and rain quite well, the broad beans were a little bit battered but they are still quite short so I think they will bounce back, and I'll probably have to think about something to support them shortly.

The Mister put some irrigation pipe in with drippers but I think they will come out, as it doesn't really take too long to water with the watering can (not that the garden needs it at the moment) and I can check for invaders at the same time. It is also quite pleasant just to stand there watering the garden, although I might be saying something different if we get a run of really hot days during summer :(


  1. It is very soothing to tend to the garden . I love your quilt below .

  2. Wow look at that growth....yes it's fast isn't it....
    and broadbeans...I should try these...yum!

  3. Wow! What adifference 6 weeks makes! Very interesting photos Pip! Thanks for sharing them!


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