Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mission accomplished

Finished at last, it only took ten years, I bought a quilt pattern and fabric at a craft and quilt show when we lived in NSW. I cut all the strips, sewed them together and then cut them again to make the blocks, then sewed the blocks together and that was as far as I got. Every couple of years I took it out, re-arranged the blocks, looked at it and thought about sewing it all together.......

..... skip forward to 2008 and I took the quilt out again and looked at it and decided that I would piece it together, and look all done. The picture isn't very bright or clear but you get the idea, I was going to quilt in the middle of each plain square but after doing all the borders I ran out of steam so this is it. A few threads on the back still to be sewn in but essentially it is finished, hopefully the next one won't take so long.


  1. What a mission! But a fabulous result!
    Had your quince paste this evening... mmmmmm.. had visitors over and it was a real hit. I photographed our cheese plate so will post tomorrow. Have had a bad few days, with my neck. But I am getting around even though its carefully. Supposed ot go back to work tomorrow..we will Marilyn xoxo

  2. It looks fantastic - and it must be so nice to get it finished.
    I had intended to do more quilting on my big one but like you, I just wanted to get it on the bed.
    I love the crispness of your quilt - and isn't it amazing how attractive these quilts are to cats - my cat hasn't been off my bed since I put it on!

  3. Wow long time coming...I'm certain I have many projects about that old too.
    Well done it looks just great!!

  4. Thanks Pip for your help on the kale question.
    I appreciate you taking the time.
    I have added your blog to my follower list

  5. This is so beautiful - pared down and simple. It would certainly make me smile every time I walked in to the room!


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