Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Long Drive

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My father's Morris Oxford truck when he was on
a driving holiday around the South Island of
New Zealand many years ago.

I remember when we were kids, Dad would always take us on long drives, drives of the "are we there yet" sort. My little sister always got carsick, so she was allowed to sit in the front seat with Mum (no seatbelts back then), me, my other sister and brother were relegated to the back. I remember lots of drives on gravel roads, and the dust, it got in everywhere.

Our family in the same spot when we did our trip
round the South Island in 1973-1974

One nice thing about the long drive was finding somewhere nice to stop and have a stretch, a cup of tea and something to nibble before setting off again.


  1. Hello Pip
    Lovely to have a little bit of history to compar, doesn't look like that corner has got any wider tho' lol
    Was there much of a drop over the edge?
    Take care

  2. Fabulous!! How wonderful to have two pictures to compare over time! My Mum has photo's of her as a little one with the old Model T they used to go on holiday trips in....

  3. Anonymous7/4/09 21:33

    Oh, what a gorgeous truck, I looove antique trucks!! And what a beautiful place to go on a long drive in!

  4. Oh....sigh... I love the south island of NZ. If I die without living there, ever, I will be very, very sad.


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