Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cooler weather coming

I've just started sorting out some warmer clothing,
in anticipation of the cooler weather this weekend.
Two beanies and pair of fingerless mittens, made by my mother.
Of course I will be wearing some other items of clothing as well!!


  1. It'd be chilly if you didn't wear something else with it!

  2. I think you need to talk your mum into giving you the knitting patters for the beanies and gloves.. they are gorgeous. I have a post almost finished to thank you for my lovely paste but I am having camera problems..should have it sorted by tomorrow :) Marilyn xoxo

  3. It's 3pm and I'm in my pjs. They are the warmest thing I could find. It has suddenly gone from warm and sunny to cold and wet, and I wasnt prepared.
    I'd been hanging out for it, but still wasnt prepared. Hmm...


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