Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cold Feet

We had cold feet here, the water we were standing in was snow fed from the Southern Alps, and we were at the source of the Buller River.

Dad wanted to take a picture of us standing at the source of the river. He was also wanting a picture of us at the mouth of the river, but I think we had rebelled by then and decided that we weren't going to be standing in any more cold water.

Do you think I had cold feet, (you betcha) what on earth possessed me and my sister to wear jandals (thongs) on the Tasman Glacier, well it was January, which means summer, and it was warm, but not on our feet which were on ice so to speak.

Thanks again to Pip of Meet me at Mikes for the Words and Pictures theme, pop over there for other links on the Cold Feet theme.


  1. Kids are crazy! Actually you guys look colder in the water than on the snow!

  2. Hello Pip
    Parents make kids do the most awful things don't they lol
    You all look absolutely frozen - but think of the memories you have looking at those photos
    Take care

  3. When was this picture take?

    - Joolz

  4. Kris - yes I remember the water was so much colder than the snow and it was also an overcast day which didn't help.

    Cathy - I so enjoy looking at these photos, they bring back a lot of memories (good and not so good)

    Joolz - both the pictures were taken December 1973 (36 yrs ago - gulp) I'm the one with the denim shirt (my favourite) I was 14


  5. Thanks for some amazing views. It is easy to look back on this now but I do bet it was frickin cold then.


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