Thursday, 30 April 2009

A meme - Catching up

There's always someone to catch up, unless you are in the lead and then everyone is trying to catch up with you!

Meme from Meet me at Mikes (wow, there are a lot of emmms in that phrase)


  1. Hello Pip
    Yes it certainly was cold and wet in West Beach over the weekend, luckily it stopped in town for the fellas in the march.
    Liked your intertpretation of the phrase Catching Up
    Must say your veggies are looking good and I'm sure will taste great when they are ready to eat.
    Had to laugh at the 10 year quilt -mine didn't make it to the bed. lol
    After 8 years I made small hangings with the sampler pieces I had actually finished and used the backing material for something else:)
    Take care

  2. Hmmm... not sure I like this post. I am always behind trying to catch up! I feel all out of breath now!

  3. is that you???? triathlon woman??? dead impressed!

  4. Those pictures were taken a few years ago, but I thought they were rather apt for Catching up