Thursday, 26 March 2009

words and pictures - little things

Pip, of the simply wonderful Meet Me at Mike's, has been running a 'Words and Pictures' meme, this week's theme is 'Little Things'

I think I have always loved little things, picking them up from wherever I go, hiding them away in boxes, waiting for a quiet moment so I can open the box and look at them. Making little arrangements or montages of them, maybe a carryover from primary school when I enjoyed making eggcup posies and tray gardens.

This truly is a little thing, one night while cleaning at one of my jobs, I saw this little piece of white on the floor, I thought it was a bit of rubbish, but when I picked it up to my surprise it was this beautiful origami crane.

Little seed pods, I'm forever collecting seed pods

feathers from our cockatiels


  1. Lovely little things! I love the seed pods!

  2. Beautiful beautiful little things....hmmm I wonder who's hands made the tiny crane and why?


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