Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Welcome rain

Woke up this morning at 0430 to the welcome sound of very heavy rain falling on the roof, I rolled over and thought, no early morning walk for me, and went back to sleep. Later on we checked the rain gauge and found we had received 12.5mm of rain, which is probably enough to freshen the gardens and trees a bit but not enough to be useful. When I went walking about 1030 I noticed that the dirt tracks where I walk were still quite dry and there were no puddles, so the rain had soaked away quickly into the parched earth.

Finished another block of the Noahs Ark BOM, seven blocks to go, I'm aiming to complete one every two to three days, so I hope that by the end of March I'll be able to do the binding and finish it off.


  1. Up until tonight we had had 19mm. It's a start! Hope there's lots more in store for us this autumn!

  2. Looks like we are both consumed by the weather today :)

  3. Yay for rain...isn't that the most delicious sound in the world to wake to.

  4. Isn't the rain just wonderful? We had about 25ml a day ago, and it's been raining off and on since then. We actually had puddles on the ground for the first time in months.
    I love your little Noahs Ark stitchery. I am so behind with mine, but I will get there one day!


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