Monday, 9 March 2009


I saw this on Linda's blog and have come across it on a few other blogs today

This is what you do: do a google search for "unfortunately (Your name here)" ... don't forget the quotation marks!

Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name:

Unfortunately, Pip passed away in a Paris hotel room on Monday August 28th, 2 days after a performance in Groningen, Holland

Unfortunately, Pip doesn't really have the temperament for whaling, and he leaps out of the boat in fear when a whale slams into it

Unfortunately Pip passed away (19th May 2003) before the script was complete. Duncan then approached award winning actor, writer, director, Oscar Petersen

Unfortunately PiP Gallery won't be accepting credit cards for the 24 show so please bring cash or check. Show opens to the public at 6pm on May 1st but you

Dec 2006 ... Unfortunately, Pip does not believe Herbert could ever achieve this dream. Herbert lacked the initiative. Once Pip becomes comfortable with

just like Robert Wyatt now tends to do, but unfortunately Pip's untimely death (in 2006) has put an end to such hopes. By the way, it came as a surprise to ...

Unfortunately, Pip didn't have the proper identity tags, so if someone else had found her it could have been a lengthy procedure to find her ...

19 Aug 2008 ... Unfortunately, Pip is looking for Noser as well - he owes rent money - and Lacey ends up joining forces with her nemesis/sex dream partner.

His driving ambition is to better his station in life; unfortunately, Pip will reject his closest friends in order to achieve his social ...

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  1. Hello Pip
    Came to visit you via Joolz
    Fun meme wasn't it - Like me you had some unfortunate happenings as well lol
    Take care


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