Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Productive Weekend

Thanks to Levin of I wannabe crafty for the title of this post. I think Levin would have been quite busy skinning the tomatoes that she got at the Torrens Island Market today. I completed the second Christmas Wish BOM from Gail Pan Designs two down and seven to go. I'm quite enjoying doing them, blogging about it seems to make me more accountable somehow.

I also put the borders on these blocks from the Noahs Ark BOM at Lynette Anderson Designs most of these blocks are quite small so don't take long to do, I'm using up all the small bits of fabric that I have been hoarding. (you know, the ones that you don't want to throw out because they might come in handy some day, and they have)

And on the food production front I made 3 jars of tomato sauce and some roti and Pumpkin Dahl. The roti were acceptable although I think that next time I will make them with white flour instead of atta flour (wholemeal chapatti flour) We have Singaporean neighbours and I asked them how they made their roti (thinking that maybe I would get a demonstration of roti making) and they said "oh, we buy the frozen ones, they're very good, you know."

I managed to half watch one of the tv shows I had recorded, except I fell asleep halfway through, this seems to be a regular occurrence now. I'm still planning the planting for the garden, so far I'm thinking about kale, silver beet (swiss chard), and snow peas, any further suggestions welcomed.


  1. You have had a productive weekend. The quilt blocks look great. The weather was nice for a change. With no kids home, I basically bounced from one room to the next, pottering. All washing and ironing is up to date, made a date loaf and chocolate slice. 'A' cooked a small roast pork roll for the two of us, which was lovely. Nice to have weekends like this.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. the roti looks yum!
    i have to be honest and admit that I only skinned half the tomatoes - i would have been there all night otherwise ;)
    it's all simmering on the stove now - i only hope i have enough jars to take it all.
    next year i might just tackle sauce - i love homemade sauce

  3. Yum! I was thinking of making roti on Sunday, but then decided to have rice with our curry instead, as I was too knackered.

    What recipe did you use? I hope to try the recipe from the Food Safari this week.

  4. I have had success with peas, broccoli, and cabbage. And I like to eat them too! (Always a plus!)

  5. Oh! And I love your blocks too. Beautiful.


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