Sunday, 29 March 2009

Made one loaf of bread on Saturday, now that I'm baking every weekend I'm getting a better feel for how I do it, so the loaves are starting to look better (they still taste good regardless of how they look). The rest of the dough is sitting in the fridge and I'll probably bake another loaf on Monday.

Products from the dehydrator: pears, peaches, apples and plums. Quite happy with the results, I put all the fruit in water to which I added one tablespoon of citric acid, the pears are the only fruit that are showing signs of oxidation (browning) probably because I didn't leave them in the water for very long. Flavourwise the plums come out top followed by peaches, pears and apples, my DH couldn't tell the difference between the apples and pears :)
Non-astringent persimmons are starting to come into season, so I'm looking forward to drying them.

I processed four jars of tomatoes and have learnt a few lessons for next time:
  • Don't let the water level go over the top of the thermometer well.
  • Size 27 jars are probably not the best jars to use in my unit.
  • Next time, it would be more productive to chop the tomatoes, cook them, then put through the mouli and then process.
  • Don't plan on cooking anything else on the stove, because there won't be any room.
  • Plan ahead and have enough produce to do a larger amount of jars (make sure you have enough jars first though)


  1. You have been very productive!

    My favourite jar size is 20! Their capacity is about 600ml, just right for tomatoes and fruit.

    I can fit 8 jars into my unit and always try to make sure I have enough produce to fill it all up.

    I skin the tomatoes and squash them into the jars. :)

    You'll soon find out what works best for you and then there's no stopping you! :)

  2. Wow! Your bread looks brilliant! When I saw it I thought this was a central market post! Nice job. We had a food dehydrator until it recently died. Dried apples were my kid's favourites. I never managed to store or keep any fruit we dried. It got eaten as quickly as I could dry it! (Well, there are a lot of them!)


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