Friday, 6 March 2009

Figgy bounty

This is what I brought home from my walk today. I've been waiting for these figs to ripen and today the birds were all over the tree, and I knew if I didn't grab some today, by tomorrow they would be gone or well pecked over. I've eaten a couple already and I'm saving the rest for a dessert that I will make tomorrow.

It is very simple, wash figs, (peel if desired but not really necessary), roll in brown sugar (while still damp) and place in a very well buttered dish. Try and keep them packed closely together. Sprinkle with more brown sugar, some dabs of butter, and a splash of water. Bake for 20 minutes or so in a 200C oven, keep an eye on them as they will probably need a bit more water added after ten minutes. The figs and sauce turn a deep garnet colour similar to that of oven roasted quince. I tried it once with some leftover muscat instead of the water, the sauce was very luscious. Serve warm or cold with cream, or mascarpone or greek yoghurt. They are all good although I like the greek yoghurt best.


  1. I love figs. Last night I was in the car with Mr 14 and we found a christmas cd and listened to it. We love christmas carols and figured we could listen to them no matter what time of year it was! The first carol was singing about figgy pudding and I started thinking about figs. Then I saw your post today! Mmmmmmm, figs!

  2. ive never had figs before but that desert sounds good! (in theory that is, ya know if i were to like figs themselves, who knows lol:)enjoy them

  3. Yum! Yum! Yum! I love figs. Never tried them the way you make them, but it sounds lovely, too. I hope you got more where those came from.

    BTW, I have given you an award. Instructions for accepting it are on my blog. :)

    Ps.: Have not forgotten the recipe. Will do so in the next few days. :)

  4. OH...MY....GOODNESS Pip! I'm drooooling here.....even if it is early in the morning! Here's to my tree producing that many in the next couple of years....fingers crossed. Enjoy your luscious bounty!

  5. Fantastic, I was looking for something easy to do with my figs. Thankyou. I only have a young tree so didn't have enough for jam, your idea is perfect. Just discovered your blog, love it. We are on a similar wavelength re vegies etc. I like the "coffins".


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