Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Excellent service

We got a miserable 1mm of rain last night, and then it was so warm last night that I think a lot of the moisture dried up. I was watching the rain yesterday afternoon and I reckon that all the plants and trees were saying "this is soooo nice" you could almost see them coming to life again. Still it is raining now and heavier so I hope it is like this for the rest of the day.

This was delivered this morning from the lovely people (Val and Dave Pearson) at Green Living Australia. (so if you are interested in preserving, or cheesemaking or soap making, have a look you won't regret it) The delivery was super quick as I had only ordered them yesterday and was very pleased to get them the next day. I had noticed a while ago that some of the lids on my recycled jars were showing signs of corrosion (from vinegar at a guess)and were probably unsafe to re-use, so after searching around the internet I came across Green Living Australia who sell replacement "twist top" lids, as well as other useful things like Home Cheesemaking guides, kits and supplies, Home Preserving and Soap Making guides. There is also a forum which is quite helpful. I also got the preserving tongs as I had been making do with kitchen tongs (not very good and not very safe) and the preserving guide as well.

They also popped this in as well:

On Sunday when I was pouring the tomato sauce through my usual funnel into the jars, (it took a long time) I had thought yet again "I must get a preserving funnel" and had actually sourced one over the internet but had yet to buy it. I'm glad I didn't now as this is such a great idea, and costs next to nothing. I'm planning on making blackberry and apple jelly this weekend and will use it them.


  1. but how was the rain today.......i'm enjoying every single moment of it :) our brand new rainwater tank has been standing dry for about two months but is filling up now!
    i made 19 jars of relish - all ready for the winter.

  2. Hi Pip

    It's funny how innovative products like the funnell are staring us in the face until some smarty actually gets out the Stanley knife and produces the goods. I'm going to make one with my next empty carton. I have a stupid funnell that will barely let sugar flow through it freely, let alone jam!
    Oh yes, isn't the rain yummy! I walked at 6am this morning and got good and wet and couldn't have cared less. Bring it on!

    Have a nice day, Joolz


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