Monday, 9 March 2009

Crimson colours

I made Blackberry and Apple Jelly on Sunday, after my last attempt at jelly making I decided that a candy thermometer would be useful. I had already cooked up the berries and apples on Saturday and left them to drip overnight, in the morning, I measured the liquid, (2 cups) and added the sugar (3/4 cup for each cup of liquid) and slowly brought it to the boil, once boiling I only had to boil it for about five minutes before the thermometer showed the liquid was at jelly temperature (104C) so I poured the jelly into the jars and left it to set. There was a little left over which I put into a bowl. The jelly in the bowl seemed to have quite a soft set when I spread it on the bread, and this morning the jelly has set a bit firmer (as shown on the spoon).

I baked the figs as mentioned in my post on Friday, I ended up baking them for about 30 minutes. There was quite a lot of syrup after I took them out of the oven, but after cooling for an hour the figs seemed to have soaked up about half of it, which was a slight disappointment to me as the syrup is rather moreish.

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  1. mmmm the jelly looks wonderful. i've never tried it (not making nor eating) but it looks delicious.
    looks like another productive weekend for you!


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