Friday, 27 February 2009

Weekend planning

I'm planning a few things for the weekend:

  • pickling onions,
  • making tomato sauce
  • making mustard
  • making roti and pumpkin dahl
  • hopefully putting together some raised garden beds
  • planning the planting for the garden beds
  • some needlework
  • maybe catching up on some recorded tv programmes

I've already started the pickled onions, they are peeled and resting in brine, which is really the longest part, all I will have to do tomorrow, will be to make a vinegar solution with a few spices and some sugar, sterilise the jar, heat the vinegar solution, pop the onions in for a minute and then put it all in the jar. I could probably start the mustard today as it needs to soak/marinate overnight. I don't generally make a large amount of any pickle, relish or chutney as it can be a lot of work, smaller amounts seem to work better and we don't get tired of eating the same one.

I've been wanting to get a Fowlers Vacola preserving unit for some time now, but after reading this post at down to earth I think I will leave it a bit longer and just try the frugal method first. Actually I was thinking that I should have made use of that really hot weather we had a while ago to dry some tomatoes or fruit. I would also like a dehydrator, I know there are a couple of types available like this one and this one. My mother has an Ezidri which she is quite happy with and Molly at Cross Roads uses the Excalibur in this post so I can see that I need to do a bit of research, before I make a decision.


  1. I just bought a Fowlers kit and
    it worked fine the one time
    I've used it (feral blackberries
    and plums from a friends
    property in the Hills) -
    unfortunately my purchase
    coincided with the heatwave
    that killed off most of the
    veggie garden!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend plan...enjoy!

  3. The frugal method is great for small jars / batches. I use my Fowlers kit when I need to process bigger quantities. It is very easy to use and comes with very easy to follow instructions. The preserves are fantastic in winter when you get the blues. Open your pantry door and summer smiles at you! (Not to mention the healthiness of home-grown preserved produce.)

    I answered your dehydrator question in the comment section of my blog. :)


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