Monday, 23 February 2009

Walking and reading

When I got back from my walk this morning I thought the sunrise was quite beautiful. Usually by the time I have gone inside and got the camera the sky has changed but this time the colours remained for quite some time. I prefer walking in the morning as everything is fresher and there is less traffic on the roads. I'm walking most days now, and managing to clock up quite a few kilometres, last week I walked a total of 41km.

I finished reading this book last night, I saw it reviewed in a local paper last year and thought that, at this time of my life it would make relevant reading, so reserved a copy from the library and spent the weekend reading it. I found myself relating to a few of the stories in the book, I'm encouraging my husband to read it as well. If you can get hold of a copy from your library be sure to read it, even if you are not facing or experiencing menopause just yet.


  1. the sunrise is beautiful.
    the book looks good - i will have to try and get it from the library as well. there's no rush for me but i like to be prepared :)

  2. I love to walk in the mornings too if I to smell the freshness and see the world waking up


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