Sunday, 1 February 2009

Still hot here, although it doesn't seem as hot this morning at 0930 as it has done the previous few days. Our neighbour was just saying yesterday that we would be getting a cool change - down to 40C instead of 44C :)

Yesterday I vacuumed and cleaned the house, I must have been mad, still it is all done now and I spent the rest of the day lazing around. I have provided myself with lots of reading material, a small selection of which is in the photo above, plenty of books there to dip into when I need a rest from stitchery, and inspiration for future projects.


  1. Ha Ha - 40 degrees, you beauty!
    Our old stone house is now as
    hot inside as it is outside -
    it will take weeks to cool down

  2. I find I count hours until 8pm when the sun goes over the hill. It always feel cooler outside because it is less humid, very tricky.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Our house is double cavity brick and like yours once it heats up, it takes ages to cool down. At least it has been a bit cooler the last couple of nights so the temp is starting to drop a bit.

    Hi Linda,
    We don't really get the humidity here, so it can be 35C and not seem too hot (so long as you are inside)



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