Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hard life for a koala

It's hard being a koala

I'm wishing I was this koala, we have just changed our internet provider, (from Big Pond to Internode) talk about fast service, I put the request in to Internode for a transfer on Tuesday afternoon, was told that it would be 3 to 5 business days before it would happen and we would be advised prior to the big event. This morning there was no internet, I left it till after lunch as there was a Big Pond van in the street, then I rang Big Pond, and spend a long time talking at an automated voice on the phone, then finally got put through to a technician, who then eventually told me "oh, your account is cancelled" So I reconfigured the modem and the email, (the advisory emails from Internode then arrived) and everything appears to be working fine now, I just have to catch up with everything in blogworld.

The koala pictured has been hanging around in this tree for a few days now, he looks so relaxed, I guess I would be if I could sleep for 22 hours out of 24.

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  1. much as i love sleep, i don't think i would swap lives with koala - they don't have time to sew :)
    gorgeous picture


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