Friday, 6 February 2009

Green gold

Basil and Pine nut sauce (Pesto)

We went on our usual Friday jaunt to Central Market today. I noticed that the prices for most of the produce have gone up, due no doubt to the hot weather over the last week or so. No matter, we've still gotta eat, right? I only have so much money set aside for market purchases, sometimes I have quite a bit leftover for the change jar and sometimes very little. (today it was the latter). It was more of a challenge than usual today to make my money last as I needed to get olive oil, (I get mine at Wilson's Organics, in Gouger St opposite the market, take your own 1lt bottle, $13.50, their prices are cheaper for some products e.g. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek products are up to $1 cheaper) but I ended up with $4 leftover, just got less of some things.

My basil growing has been a bit of a non-event so far, so I've been buying it, today I got a beautiful bunch of basil from the stall that I get my tomatoes from, to use in our lunch today, (the pasta dish mentioned in my post last Friday) I had plenty of basil leftover so I made pesto. Yummo, I've frozen some and have stored the rest in the fridge to use over the next few days. I just love the taste of it and will happily eat it by itself, the only drawback is the garlic breath :)


  1. Mmm the best green ever! This is exactly what we are having for dinner tonight.
    The grasshoppers just love my basil in the summer.

  2. hey pip. i shop at wilsons every friday there early in the morning, what time do you drop by? thanks for the oil price tip, i usually get my olive oil at stirling market, but its not organic, so i have never even looked at wilsons oil. keep your eye out for a woman with brown hair hurrying around with a very stripy trolley!

  3. Looks like you have been doing all sorts of fun things. Love the pesto. It looks so beautiful!


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