Sunday, 18 January 2009

Slow weekend

I was taking the washing off the line last night when I noticed the sunset, so I quickly ran and got my camera, the sun was setting so fast that I didn't have time to frame the shot, and only managed to get three shots off before it had sunk below the horizon, the sky fading to a glorious pink-lavender.

It's been another slow and lazy weekend for me although yesterday I made some tomato sauce, which turned out so well that I intend to make another couple of batches next weekend. I had also planned to make a fig chutney using figs gathered from a wild tree which I pass while out walking, but sadly once I cut into the figs it became apparent that there would be no chutney. They were quite dry in the middle which was probably the reason why the birds hadn't bothered with them. Never mind, there is another tree which fruits later so I will wait to see what the figs are like this year (last year they were beautiful to eat) The wild blackberries need another couple of weeks and then they too will be ready. Last year I missed out as the heatwave over Christmas frizzled them up. This season there seems to be a large crop so I'm hopeful I can make blackberry and apple jelly. I've been making sure to walk past most days so I can get in before the birds.


  1. Hi Pip

    I remember picking blackberries when I was little. Hated the thorns, though. As you'll see on my blog, I have found a mulberry tree and I am excited! Lovely sunset too.


  2. Lovely sunset!

    WOW 40c - would be way too hot for me.

    Looking forward to seeing what you bring home from your walks.

    Love Leanne

  3. Our figs are all dry inside too!
    I wonder if it's the drought?

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Yes, I think so, this fig tree had quite good figs last year.


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