Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mellow Yellow

It is so hot that I haven't really felt like doing anything much. One thing hasn't changed and I have still gone for my daily walk (although I haven't walked my usual distance). Today was the hottest it has been for some time while walking (at 0600 in the morning) but there were still the regular cool spots. The rest of the day has been like one long siesta, I read, I do a bit of stitchery (two blocks done of the Noah's Ark BOM) and I drink a lot of water :)
I'm not doing very much cooking as we are having mainly salads or sandwiches, although I reckon we'll be sick of them by the end of the week. Maybe I'll do Singapore Noodles tomorrow for a bit of a change.
Crocus sativus
Saffron Crocus

On another subject, I ordered some bulbs of Saffron Crocus in the weekend , I wanted to order some last year but forgot. I like the idea of being able to grow my own saffron to use in my cooking one day. It is a spice that is very expensive to buy, but then it is quite labour intensive to harvest as everything must be done by hand. More information on saffron here. I don't generally use a lot of saffron (who does) so I'm hoping that eventually there will be enough growing to provide the amount I use.


  1. It's way too hot here too. Humidity is our biggest issue. The beach beckons but you fry getting across the sand. Anyway I have a mountain of ironing to attack this evening, back to work and school for all of us tomorrow! You'll have to show us all your hot weather handwork, I'm very envious!

  2. Pip,

    Back when we had a coffee shop this was a favourite summer dish. Cook pasta such as spag or tagliatelli. Meanwhile chop sufficient tomatoes, basil and red spanish onion to feed your crew. Drain the pasta, reserving maybe a tablespoon of the cooking water. Plop pasta back into saucepan, add tomatoes/basil/onion and a drizzle of good olive oil. Mix gently and serve into bowls. It's quite cool and refreshing but has a hint of warmth for a meal.




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