Tuesday, 6 January 2009

From the archives (January 1958)

I've been for my walk, the washing is done, bed made, house tidied up, pizza dough is rising, the dishes are washed and dried, and the laundry gel has been made so now I can indulge myself and do a bit of blogging.

I was sorting through some photos that I had loaded on to my laptop sometime ago, deciding whether to crop, or to discard them (they are still on CD) when I came across this one.

It was taken at my Mum and Dad's wedding way back in January 1958, my grandmother is the fourth from the left, and the three on the left were my great-aunts. I'm a bit hazy as to the two on the right, I think they were great-aunts as well. They have their hats on and either have gloves on or are holding them in their hands, and see what else they have in their hands - cigarettes!!!! In fact on browsing through some more of the photos from the next ten years or so, it seemed to be quite common for nearly everyone (my relatives at least) to have a cigarette in their hand. How times have changed.


  1. my oma has a cigarette in her hand in every photo that was taken of her. it's amazing really - now you're a bit of an outcast if you smoke. times have changed though....

  2. aaah the darlings...just like the women the Pythons modelled theirs on...
    thanks for signing on to my blog, and Happy New Year

  3. And every one of them wearing a hat! Times have changed.


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