Sunday, 4 January 2009

First post of the year

I have been indulging in a little retail therapy, there are sales galore around this time of the year and if one was not careful one could end up in serious trouble buying everything one wanted. Note I said wanted and not needed. I visited both Spotlight and Patchwork By Sea as they had sales on that I wanted to check out. I didn't really spend too much in the end as most of it was discounted and while it looks a lot, the fabric is mainly fat quarters and remnants. I couldn't resist getting the giraffe pattern and also some glass headed pins (no more melting on the iron now) and some wood handles. There is such a lot of lovely fabric in Patchwork by Sea that I'm sure I will be making another visit soon. (as well as visiting some other shops like Stitch in Time and Hettie's Patch and The Patchwork Apple )

I'm still trying to plan some goals for this year. (Failing to plan is planning to fail, someone said that, I forget who) so I intend to finish the quilt which I started over ten years ago. I also have a jelly roll for a black, white and grey quilt which I will complete this year, and for another smallish project I think I will do this which I discovered at the beginning of last year.

I'm also going to lose the 5kg which I have somehow acquired over the last year, I will be doing this by eating smaller portions, going for a walk most days and no more baking. I never used to bake a lot but the last six months, since I have had more time, I have been baking things like biscuits and muffins, which of course we have had to eat, and now I can't fit into most of my clothes and I don't really want to buy new ones. I have other things I want to spend my money on (like quilting fabric)

The basting on my quilt is going slowly, I forgot how much fabric there is in a large quilt until it came to putting the quilt sandwich together. As you can see in the picture below I have had a willing helper once again.


  1. *eek* no more baking! are you sure? That's my downfall too....just need more people around to help eat it. ;)
    Happy New Year to you Pip.

  2. i had to stop baking too - i still make muffins for lunches, but i freeze them so there's no more 'i should really finish that before it goes stale.....' isn't it funny how we can't waste cakes but i have no problems wasting vegetables???? lol
    goodluck with the resolutions. i will be trying to finish things too and i need to lose 7kg!

  3. Isn't it easy to say "I'll just eat this last bit of cake", I can't imagine saying "oh there are a few peas and carrots leftover' I'll scoff them". I've managed to get around wasting vegetables by counting how many of each, I will need for the meals I'm making or planning on making. It sounds a bit anal, I know, but there is no wastage anymore.


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