Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blackberries and Tour Down Under

I went for my walk this morning planning to pick some blackberries. (I went prepared with a small plastic bag in my pocket) Sustaining a few scratches and the obligatory purple fingers, I ended up with about 250g, not a great amount, but I have frozen them and will progressively pick more as they ripen. I only wish I was taller then I would have been able to reach more of them. In amongst the blackberries I noticed two quince trees with a good crop, so I will be keeping a close eye on them.

We spent some time at the top of Chandlers Hill this morning watching the Tour Down Under sweep through. When we arrived there weren't many people there but by the time the peloton came through they were lining both sides of the rode for quite a distance. It was very gusty up there but at least it was quite cool, I'm glad I wasn't riding, I never used to like cycling when it was windy (unless the wind was behind me). When you are small you get tend to get blown around all over the place. It seemed as if there were as many police vehicles (cars, vans, motorbikes and bicycles) as there were riders in the race, all using their sirens and lights, but it didn't seem to stop people from stepping right out in front of the cyclists. I took a few photos (make that quite a few) but I won't bore you with too many :)


  1. mmmmm blackberries
    i haven't seen anything of the tour down under. i should take the boys out to have a look before it passes us by once again.

  2. takes me back to when we were kids and living on a farm we had loads of blackberry bushes near one of the creeks.....we would spend hours picking them - one for the bucket one to eat...LOL....Mum always made blackberry jam...yum!! We had the TDU here yesterday - the town was packed - great atmosphere!

  3. I love the way you surrounded your grandmother's flower garden with black. It makes it look really modern. Of course, I started my one in the 80's too - they must have been big back then - and it took 2 years.

    Funnily enough I came across a book recently where the people had machine stitched one which looked very fiddly to me .. a lot of awkward angles.

    That's going to look great when its done.

  4. Our blackberries aren't ready to be picked yet, but a way of getting rid of stained fingers is to pick some unripe berries, rub them over your hands so they break up, keep rubbing and then wash your hands as usual, the purple stain will dissappear.

  5. those blackberries look a treat! yummmm.


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