Sunday, 7 December 2008

An industrious few days and a new arrival

The last few days have been spent sewing and playing
catchup. I made these two cute bunnies,
the pattern came from the Softies book which I posted about here
The funny thing is that the red bunny was made exactly as per the pattern,
and it didn't turn out the same as the photo in the book.
The pink one I marked the ears on the fabric and sewed around the marked
line and then cut it out, hence the bigger ears
(and it also looks the same as the book photo)
I like them both and will probably make them again.

Spent a couple of days sewing the binding on this quilt for my nephew.
I started it about two years ago and ran out of steam, but now it is all
finished and ready to post. (another UFO bites the dust)

There was also a new arrival, I have finally got my new
sewing machine (Janome 6260QC) and am just getting to grips with it.
So lovely to sew with (pink bunny was made on it)
so I am busy practicing and getting to know my way around it. (her/him ????)

I also have a few comments and emails to reply to, so will slowly work my way through them over the next couple of days.


  1. Those bunnies are too cute! And how exciting....a new machine!

  2. Hi Pip:D

    We are finally having rain here, over an inch. While my garden soaks it up like a sponge,I am playing with my new toy. A Janome as well. Even have a blog about my journey in the sewing world.

  3. Love your new Janome! (So jealous!)

  4. I have the exact same machine!
    When I unpacked it I was rather daunted by all the buttons etc... but Emily sat down in front of it and showed me what to do - no fear there! I love it now and have made a couple of beautiful quilts on it. I'm hoping to finish another over the next few weeks - well sometime after christmas anyway!


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