Monday, 29 December 2008

Cats and quilts

What is the attraction between cats and quilts? All of my three cats have all had a liking for sleeping and lying, in and on the quilts as they have been in the process of being made. Whether it is in the laying out of the pieces, the ironing of the various pieces of fabric, or being under or on the quilt as it is being quilted, the cats have been there, putting their bodies on the line, so to speak. I'm a bit of a softie and I have left Cody there under the ironing board to have a little snooze while I go off and find something else to do. The ironing of the backing fabric can wait for a while.

While out walking early this morning, I saw a koala on the ground, he was being chased by magpies (of course no camera, so no picture). At first I thought he was a large grey cat and then a magpie swooped on him and I realised it was a koala. He quickly climbed up a tree and comfortable. I remember on one of my first trips to Australia, I spent an entire bus trip from Sydney to Canberra looking in the trees for koalas, (laughing at myself) having seen a few koalas lately, I now realise that they are very well camouflaged, and it would be well nigh impossible to see them.


  1. Camoflage is wonderful, isn't it?

  2. HNY Pip:D

    I'm learning how to make blocks for a quilt. Mine is a 12 month swap. So beofre I make the block I am sending on....I make a trial one. These at the end of the year, will be made into a quilt for my cats:D

    They so love my craft room.


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