Saturday, 29 November 2008

A year and more of blogging!!!! GIVEAWAY

I just realised recently that I have been blogging for over a year now, and I have achieved the 100 post milestone. (actually a couple more but who's counting) So I think a giveaway is in order.

As Christmas is looming, I have made a little Christmas themed wall hanging. The instructions and how-tos were in the Homespun magazine (Volume 8 Number 11) a while ago.

To be in the draw for you need to leave a comment with a Christmas memory (good or bad).

I'm looking forward to reading the comments, the draw will stay open until 4th December.


  1. Congratulations Pip on your 100th post - well done. Christmas Memory - good or bad - hmm...
    A bit disappointed to discover the sixpence in Christmas puddings had been put in your pudding thru sleight of hand when being dished up and not cooked with the pudding. (I guess they were worried about the metal tainting the pudding) There were, I am sure, many sixpences eaten undetected only to be flushed down the loo the next day or so.
    Jenny (your sister)

  2. Congrats.
    Well, my memory was when I was grown up...I took my dad (and my mum) out to local restaurant for Christmas Lunch. It was a Welsh restaurant and there was a blind guy playing piano all day, lots of singing, lots of laughter and one of the best Christmas Days ever. My Dad had always wanted to do this but my mum always wanted the traditional one. The kids behaved fantastic, the food was exceptional and I think everyone enjoyed it. Sadly, this was the last Christmas I spent with my dad.

  3. Congratulations.

    I remember the meat my Nana used to cook, well one of the meats, my poor memory says it was pickled leg of lamb. So that meat is what I associate with Christmas.

    She has been gone for 24 years, but I think one year she gave me a typewriter, which I used to type out her recipes!

  4. While living in NZ we planned to travel to the South Island to explore it's beauty and splendour. We made the crossing on the ferry on Christmas Day, dried up tree strapped to the ships funnel and a Maori Santa complete with white gum boots to make the trip more fun for all the kids, me included. A great day and a smooth crossing thank goodness............I don't have great sea legs!

  5. Wow! Great wallhanging! Nice work! Now, for the Christmas memory... umm there are so many! Some happy, some sad (like the christmas morning we went into Mum and Dad's room and spent an hour or so listening to the radio as reporters described the aftermath of cyclone Tracy), some just crazy!

    One year our then six year old daughter wanted a Barbie motor home for christmas. (She didn't get one) I kept explaining that she probably wouldn't get one, but she was adamant that Santa would provide! As part of the lead up to christmas celebrations we went to a chrismas "do" where the parents had to supply a wrapped, labelled gift for their children and a rotary santa gave the gifts out. There was a $5 or $10 limit which I stuck to for our other three children, but I spent more on this child buying her a gift she had been asking for for some months (thinking this would alleviate some of the no Barbie motor home stress later in the month!), but it was not to be! She took the gift from santa and looked him in the eye and said, "This isn't what I asked for! I wanted a Barbie motor home! You can have this back. I don't want it!" The rotary santa looked shocked and a hush fell over the group and I'm sure every mother was thinking, "Phew, glad that's not my kid!". Apparently it was the rotary guy's first santa job and he got quite upset. In fact, my kid made santa cry. I guess she chalked one up for all those kids who cry when confronted with santa, cause when santa was confronted with her she made him cry!

  6. ha ha ha - i've just read kris' comment! i can just imagine santa's face! lol
    i have too many wonderful memories of christmas but the one that sticks in my mind was when my nephew was really sick with tonsillitis and was in hospital (he was about 6). he was desperate to get out on christmas day, not for the presents, but for the meal. when the nurses asked him what he would have for christmas dinner he said 'my favourite - broccoli and cauliflower cheese'! they were so surprsed they let him out for the day! he ate his meal and enjoyed every bit of it!
    i was glad he was able to join us.
    merry christmas and congratulations on one year of blogging.

  7. Mmmmm sweet and christmassy.

    Well done on reaching 100 posts- I've enjoyed reading!

  8. Oh this wall hanging is lovely....and the chosen phrase is so meaningful.
    Congratulations Pip on reaching 100's a milestone.
    I feel strange entering giveaways but please include me (after milling about it for a few days) for a memory....
    Maybe being the start of Summer I remember best today, the year (pre children) we all sat at my sisters in 46 degree heat lined in front of the fan, me quite unattractively splayed on my chair with a wet seemed to be our quietest and most uneventful Christmas but we all agree it was one of the best and most relaxed days together.
    Oh and I can't leave out my Grandmothers (long lost now) potato salad which I would give anything for one more taste of!
    Merry Christmas.

  9. I think I'm too late for the giveaway but wanted to share my Christmas memory.
    My parents used to give my siblings and I a gift each and then a couple of share presents. Well, one year they gave us lego and we spent the whole day playing. It was the first of many day-long lego games with the floor cover with huge towns, cars, boats, etc. Even now that my siblings and I are much older we love to play lego together!

  10. Oh, and I love the saying on your wallhanging. All is calm, all is bright. I hope I have a lovely calm and bright Christmas morning!


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