Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My gardening shoes - the *ubiquitous crocs

ubiquitous [yew-bik-wit-uss]
being or seeming to be everywhere at once [Latin ubique everywhere]

My Crocs are really great gardening shoes, comfortable and easy to clean. I wear them with socks in winter and bare feet in summer. They kick off easily at the door when I need to go back inside the house. Originally I bought them as a comfortable shoe to wear after I ran a half marathon because I knew my toes would be sore and as we were going to a bbq lunch I didn't want anyone standing on my sore toes. In the end I never had sore toes, but they were still nice and so comfortable to wear. The only drawback with them is when it is wet and then you tend to get wet feet.

*I always wanted to use that word when I was at school


  1. Living in Adelaide though it's not often wet!

  2. Hi Pip

    Yeah, I have crocs as my indoor shoes. So comfy and I find them very warm. We have tiled floors so they are great for those. I have diamonte trims for my so they look real fancy. :)

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. My husband has the exact same pair of crocs, not that he has run a half marathon but he loves them for scooting around in the garden. He hates the sticks and stuff coming in through the holes. I have a pair of the birkenstock garden clogs, I love them to bits, so comfy and great for winter walking with woolly socks and my toes don't get wet.

  4. I have often wondered how they'd go in the vegie garden, orchard with ducks and chook run.

  5. Hi Pip

    Hope you are okay.

    I have given you an award - drop by a pick it up.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Hi Lucky,
    I think they would be all right, as Lisa says in here comment, you do get a few sticks poking through the holes, and you can get wet toes if you don't watch where you are putting your feet, but I think they are good knockabout shoes, and they are easy to clean, and they're relatively cheap as well.
    take care


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