Monday, 24 November 2008


So I have been given this award by Joolz, thank you Joolz for the compliment and the award.
The rules for this award are:
  1. Put the logo on your blog done
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you done
  3. Nominate 10 (not in this case) other blogs for this award having a hard time doing this, in fact it's not happening right now!!!
  4. Add links to those blogs done
  5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog done
  6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool done

I find all of these blogs interesting in different ways. They are all friendly and interesting, I usually try and visit them on a daily basis (when I am not too busy) Sometimes I leave comments but sometimes I just do a quick speed read and then I move on.

Leanne of At the Good Life (Leanne is a Kiwi, (like me) her blog is about getting back to basics, she enjoys crafting as well) Leanne also has another blog which has recipes Leanne's Back to Basics

Levineke (and Emily) of i wannabe crafty (another South Australian blog, really neat craft and they garden as well)

Lucky at Lucky's Duck Farm (Lucky lives in South Australia and I have learnt a lot from reading her blog, with regards to gardening in SA)

Lisa at Plain Jane Creations (another crafty person, when I was looking at her profile a while ago I discovered she used to go to the same school I went to, albeit a few years after I left)

Kris at Life at Rosemary Hill (another craft person, an inspiring blog to visit, I don't know how she manages to fit it all in)

Jenny at Daisy Chain (has really stunning photos and is also another crafter)

All of the blogs I have listed, I find inspiring in some way or another, the women who write the blogs are friendly, generous and kind. They are sharing their lives, the things they create, their opinions and the things they love. I guess they are the modern day equivalent of chatting over the back fence with the neighbour.

This has been quite hard to do, it reminds me somewhat of chain letters at school. I did a bit of a surf back through all the blogs that had done this award and about 50% of bloggers haven't taken it any further or even mentioned it on their blogs. Christmas is a really busy time of the year so I understand if people are have too many things on their plate to post about it.


  1. Thanks so much Pip for the mention. It is good to see so many South Aussie bloggers out there:)

  2. Thanks Pip! I was just reading through your blog again and was really struck by something you said in this post. You equated blogging with the kind of chatting that used to go on over the back fence. What a lovely image! And so very apt!


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