Friday, 31 October 2008

Tidy workroom

I have been spending part of the last couple of days tidying up my workroom. It has been quite disorganised for a while, and it probably won't be long till it is messy again. When I start on a new project I like to leave it out so I can look at it and think about the next stage. At least I can shut the door on the mess and come back to it later, secure in the knowledge that everything will be as I left it.

Cody is certainly comfortable on "his chair"

My workroom has been through a few transformations, originally starting off as a bedroom, then bedroom cum workroom, until I finally decided that I would rather have the whole room. My DH has the garage and I have my workroom.

I'm fairly happy with how it has worked out, although I wish I had shopped around more before I got my desk. I saw a good one the other day in Ikea the glass insert would have made a great lightbox, not sure about the trestle legs, but there were plenty of other options to choose from.

If I need more room on the desk I can easily move things off, I have a fairly large amount of floor to lay things out, and there is plenty of storage in the wardrobe.


  1. Hi Pip

    Your work room looks great. Wow, that cat is huge!
    I love Spider Solitaire too - big timewaster though! I also like Mahjong - try NingPo by Popcap games.
    I hope to do some of my Christmas gift projects today - we've had quite a good rain overnight and this morning. That'll keep the farmers happy.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Your desk is a keeper, it was the first thing I was drawn to in your great room. Love it, much less crowded than mine.

  3. Joolz, I agree Spider solitaire is a BIG time waster, trying to wean myself off it. We got 7mm here this morning.
    Lisa, I have been trying to keep my desk clear, I can usually go a week before it starts piling up. Trying for 2 weeks now.

  4. i love the desk too - i think it's gorgeous. and i'm very envious of your day i too will have a room.
    we got hardly any rain down here - for some reason it seems to miss us. here's hoping we have more this week.

  5. Love your room! Looks great!


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