Friday, 31 October 2008

Temari Balls

I got this book out of the library recently. My mother had told me about making Temari balls (I thought they were a type of sushi at first) I have made a few balls, but as you can see mine are not very similar to the ones on the cover of the book.

I am OK with that, as in the first part of the book they talk about the Japanese concept of wabi sabi or perfectly imperfect, in that they do not have to be perfectly measured and stitched in order to be enjoyable to make.

They are quite easy to make, see here

Basically you begin with a core which can be a polystyrene ball or you can make it from a piece of pantyhose stuffed with leftover fabric scraps or whatever you have available, my first one had a stuffing which incorporated fur from my cat)

Then you wrap fine yarn or thread around the core until you have a smooth, round ball, (you need to keep a bit of tension while you wrap), once you have the ball shape, you then stitch randomly over the surface to hold the threads in place, and then you can embellish them.

I started embellishing two of my Temari balls then decided that I couldn't really be bothered doing any more. So far I have made seven balls, as I quite like the look of the plain ball and by using different coloured threads and some lurex thread, I have got something that I am happy with.

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