Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New books from library

I picked up this book (plus some others) from the library yesterday. A really lovely book and so inspiring, I can see that I will be busy for a long time just making some of these lovelies.

Making pizza today, I used up the last of my 10kg bag of Laucke Wallaby flour. I wanted to see how much bread etc I would get out of one bag, so I kept a record. I got 18 loaves of bread, 3 lots of pizza dough, and 1 lot of strudel dough. The pizza dough makes enough for 2 pizzas, oven tray size (quite large). I reckon that the Bakers Delight "Pane de Casa" loaf is the nearest thing to my home made bread, and that costs $4 (I think, I haven't bought any for a while) so I have saved a bit of money making my own. A 10kg bag costs $18, and has lasted me about 6 weeks.

I have been moving furniture this morning while my DH is out, he will probably tell me off when he comes back, as he doesn't like me moving heavy things by myself. To move things I use the excellent method of putting the object on a mat and then pulling it along, it works well for me and there is no heavy lifting to speak of. I re-arranged the family room, and it is surprising how much more room there is (enough for a table and chairs)


  1. I use the same flour for breadmaking and pizzas. Of course I am nowhere near as dilligent as you are. My family much prefer bread I have made, but it goes so quickly when there are nine of you eating it!

  2. Hi Kris,
    Yes, I can imagine that it would go quickly with nine of you. With only two of us it is not such a major effort to make bread frequently.


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