Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Hump Day

A pittosporum flower

I haven't had as much time to read blogs and to blog lately as I would like to, so I apologise for any delay in replying to comments. My mother and sister are visiting for a week and I've been getting their rooms ready, preparing food, cleaning etc. They are arriving this weekend so it will be a madhouse here for a while, with the three of us talking to each other. My DH will probably go into hibernation while they are here :)
My NZ Spinach aka Warrigal greens (Tetragonia tetragonioides) is really starting to take off now, so I decided it was time to harvest some more to have with our meal the other night. I tried a very simple method of cooking it which I found in "A Good Year" by Lois Daish:
  • Wash the spinach, then put the leaves and sprigs in a big porcelain bowl,
  • Pour on a jug full of boiling water, let the leaves soften for about a minute, then drain,
  • Heat a large frying pan and warm a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, a clove of garlic crushed with salt to a paste.
  • Tip the drained spinach into the pan and toss until hot and coated with oil and garlic,
  • Grind over black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice,
  • The spinach is ready to serve hot, warm or cold

We had it warm, I put it into a serving dish which I tilted as it tends to exude juice as it cools. It was really nice and I think the best way of eating this type of vegetable. We will be eating it again quite soon. There is another recipe on the next page for Kale and vermicelli with anchovies and chilli which I am planning to try tomorrow as we have quite a lot of kale ready to harvest and I just happen to have some leftover anchovies.

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  1. it's funny - i hated vegetables when i was younger - but these days everything is worth a try - even spinach! do we add more flavours now? i love spinach in pies, but i've never tried it on it's own - but your recipe does sound nice.


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