Friday, 3 October 2008

Homespun magazine and other magazines

Cody trying out as a bookend

Yesterday, I gave in and bought the latest Homespun magazine, it came with a bonus magazine so that was why I justified the purchase. In the past I have been a bit of a magazine hoarder. Wherever I went, if I bought or acquired a magazine, I kept it and eventually they all moved with me. New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and finally Adelaide, Australia, I sure had some well travelled magazines.

Eventually they started taking up too much room, so I started going through them and clipping the articles I wanted to keep. I wasted such a lot of time re-reading them, and then I thought, I am just going to have a pile of clippings that I will never look at, so I put all the magazines in the recycle crate by the footpath and piled them in there. Since then I cull them frequently and only keep the current year. (but as you can see I still have a few magazines!!!!) This was a tip I picked up when I read Sorted! by Lisanne Oliver, which is a really great book on decluttering. See more information on decluttering at her website here

Now that we are more frugal, I tend be more particular about the magazines that I buy. My DH and I both have a $15 a week allowance, which is ours to spend on whatever we like. As you can see mine usually gets spent on a magazine, and by the size of the pile above it looks as if I should have another magazine cull.


  1. Are we twins? That is so much like my story.

    Mine moved once, the ones I have now, nearly five years ago.

    I love Sorted too, and did borrow the book from the library. I was so happy to see it on the library catalogue.

    I have a row on my bookshelf that I haven't gone through because they don't appeal, so there is a fair chance they can all go to the bin soon.

    I haven't been buying many lately either.

  2. Hi Linda,
    maybe we are, I borrowed Sorted from the library as well, (twice actually) lol
    take care


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