Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Greek Salad - my way

I didn't buy tomatoes during winter as I've consciously been trying not to buy vegetables and fruit that are out of season. There were some really beautiful tomatoes at the Central Market last week so I bought some thinking we would have Greek salad for lunch sometime during the week. I don't really have a recipe for it and I don't know if it is traditional, but this is the way we like it:

chop up some tomatoes, chunky,
chop up some cucumber (we like Lebanese cucumber)
finely slice some red onion,
pile into individual salad bowls, making sure everyone gets a share of each
sprinkle on dried oregano (fresh oregano doesn't seem to work)
salt and fresh ground black pepper,
scatter some roughly chopped flat leaf parsley,
broken up bits of Feta cheese (I use low fat) ,
sprinkle on olive oil and red wine vinegar ,
serve (leaving it for individuals to toss as desired)
we also like black olives (but I didn't have any today)
sometimes I grill a lamb fillet and slice it on top

thats it, simple really

Over summer I make sure that I have the basic ingredients available so I can throw it together quickly. On the really hot days we get in South Australia it makes a nice, refreshing meal for very little effort.


  1. That is how we like it too, maybe with garlic and lettuce.

    We also eat ours with lamb, usually chops and maybe chips. And worcestershire sauce!

  2. I love greek salad too! I am so impressed by your eating fruit and veg 'in season'. Really that's how we should all do it. Greek salad on a hot day is so refreshing!


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