Monday, 13 October 2008

Gardening and things

The temperature is a bit nicer today, it seems ages since I've blogged. I managed to get quite a few things done by staying away from the computer over the weekend. (well, I did do a little surfing, but only a little bit lol) I'm glad I got out into the garden on Thursday, as it was unpleasantly hot and windy over the weekend.


The hot weather didn't seem to affect the potatoes, but the plants in the garden on the other side of the shed (which is under shadecloth) were a bit sad looking on Saturday afternoon. I went around with the watering can and gave them all a good water and they perked up.

These snowpeas seem to be doing well

I planted the snowpeas pictured at the end of May and they have taken this long to produce!! Live and learn, I suppose, next year I will plant them earlier, I don't actually think they will grow too well once we start getting really hot days. I have been amazed at the difference using shadecloth over the vegetables has made. We bought a sliding bistro awning to put up on the shadecloth support, as the current shadecloth is fixed in place, and I think in winter the plants will need all the sun they can get, so I will be able to slide it back and forth as required.

the view from the workroom

I spent part of the weekend, tidying out the cupboard in my workroom and listening to "The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge. I got the audiobook from the library on Saturday, it is certainly different listening to a book being read instead of reading it yourself. You have to pay attention to what is being said, but it is a nice way to get some work done in a relaxing sort of way.


  1. What do you call the plant with the spires on the left?

  2. Oh I love listening to audio books! It's best to listen to books I have read before because I tend to lose concentration. Sunday was so hot, it made me remember just what summer will be like. Yuk!

  3. Hi Linda,
    The plant with the spires is an Echium candicans, it was mentioned on Gardening Australia, Saturday just gone. It seems to do well with very little or no water and the bees love the flowers.
    take care

  4. Oh look at your potatoes! They look very happy indeed....


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